WOW, I really love my Automatic Backlink Creator WordPress Plug-In!  I love Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing and one of the primary tools I use to stay a step ahead of the competition is building “back-links…..LOTS of back-links!  If you are new to this business, let me give you a $10,000 lesson, LEARN how to build back-links and apply your new found trade ASAP!  I wrote an earlier blog post that explains how important “off-page SEO” and building back-links really is titled “Google SEO Tools For Top Rankings-Part 2.”

What Is Automatic Backlink Creator?

Glad you asked.  ABC3K (that is the abbreviated name) is a WordPress plug in that allows you to automatically build lots of quality back-links to your website or content that you write on your site.  Every user of ABC3K has to install a widget inside their website.  This widget is the “heart” of the entire operation because it carries the entire pool of all the users links!  So every time another user refreshes their blog or website, the pool rotates and a new set of links shows up on that users site.  Thus creating back-links for your content.

The actual plug-in is very easy to install and shows up as a side bar menu function in your WP Blog.  You will also need to “activate” the Automatic Backlink Creator widget in your site’s back office.  From there you just need to click on the ABC3K menu and it opens the programs interface. (I took a screen shot of my interface below)

As you can see, the process is very simple.  You enter up to 3-keywords you are trying to rank for.  You enter the web URL of your content you are looking to build back links to.  You enter a brief description of that content and input the number of copies or links you want that piece of content to have.  Then select a category for that content and viola….your done!  It’s that simple.  The more “copies” you enter, the more exposure your link URL will have in all the different Automatic Backlink Creator blogs out there!

How Much Does Automatic Backlink Creator Cost?

Great question!  When you really get serious about ranking high in the search engines like Google, it takes some learning and figuring out the proper tools to use.  All the great tools cost money and ABC3K is no exception.  The pricing plans are based on how many back links one wishes to build each month.  Here is a breakdown:

  • Silver Plan – 2000 links in the network for distribution. Approximately 36,000 backlinks every month from our private network. ($47 per mo)
  • Gold Plan – 5000 links in the network for distribution. Approximately 90,000 backlinks every month from our private network. ($97 per mo)
  • Platinum Plan – 10000 links in the network for distribution. Approximately 180,000 backlinks every month from our private network. ($147 per mo)

You have to decide how many backlinks you wish to accumulate each month.  Pretty simple!  There are no contracts or time commitments which I like.  Use it and if you don’t like the service, simply cancel!  I have used this plug-in for a few weeks now and have seen immediate effects in the form of quite a few back links to my content in a relatively short period of time.  So I can attest that Automatic Backlink Creator does work!

Are You Serious About Building Backlinks & Dominating Google?

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