This post is a straightforward, unbiased review of Momentis.  I am in no way associated with this company and want to keep this review as unbiased as possible.  If you are reading this post, chances are somebody introduced you to this MLM opportunity. Before you jump headfirst into this opportunity, it is a good idea to do some levelheaded research first.  I will hopefully give you enough information to make an informed decision about whether Momentis is the opportunity for you. I will talk briefly about the company background, the company’s compensation plan for its representatives, and whether or not it is actually a good opportunity for you.

Momentis Company Background

Momentis is the marketing arm of Just energy.  Just energy sells natural gas and electricity to deregulated areas in the US and Canada and is a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded company that is debt free.  We are all aware of just how critical energy is to our country so this seems like a great opportunity already!  The company is currently operating and open for business in states like CA, TX, IL, IN, OH, NY, MS and in Canada (Alberta & Ontario).

The company provides electricity, natural gas, TV and internet services to its customers.  Just Energy is very focused on complying and maintaining their “Green” environmentally focused products and services.  The parent company created the marketing arm known as Momentis because they realized the huge marketing potential using the MLM model.

Momentis Company Comp Plan

The cost to start your own Momentis business is $299.  You must enroll through a current company sponsor.  You will receive a full training and certification program to certify you as a new representative.  Your primary goal as a new rep will be to sign up residential customers as well as offer the opportunity to other people who want to start their own businesses.

Their MLM compensation model is  very simple.  You as a rep get paid every time you sign up a new energy customer, as well as signing up new people in your company downline.  As one can imagine, your potential to grow this business is huge.  There are millions of people looking for cheaper energy sources and you will receive a small part of every customer’s energy bill!

Is Momentis A Good Opportunity?

From all aspects, this looks like a very legitimate opportunity for the right person.  Energy and entertainment are two of the largest markets in North America.  The consumer demand is built in and gives the rep a great chance of success.  The problem is this, as a representative you will be working under the MLM model.  There is a 97% failure rate in the MLM industry and it’s primarily due to how MLM companies train their new reps.

The first thing you will do as a new rep is introduce the opportunity to everyone you know (your “warm market”).  What happens after you burn through these people?  If you are like most of us, this happens pretty quickly and with minimal results…thus the 97% failure rate!  Is there a better way to market and build your Momentis biz?  Of course!  Read below and take ACTION!

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