Is The “My Video Talk Scam” True?

To start this post I’ll say that I used to be involved with this MLM company called My Video Talk (MVT) and wanted to write a post centered around if the “My Video Talk Scam” is valid or not.  We all hear so many MLM companies being coined scams and rip offs.  While I would agree that some of these ventures deserve this title, I do not agree regarding this MLM company.


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Cracking The Social Media Code

This post goes out to all you grizzled vets of network or internet marketing, you know who you are! One of the biggest frustrations I have had since I started so long ago was the amount of pure, impersonal SPAM throw at me every day! Its amazing how many people who call themselves Internet Marketers are actually just the opposite….they are purely “Network Spammers!”

We all know the “guru’s” and the people out there that have survived, the top two percenters, they have all added a tremendous amount of value to the people who follow and respect them. The key to this value added formula is this, its FREE!!! To this day I cannot grasp the concept of WHY so many Internet Marketers figure that pressuring and spamming the heck out of people will work long term.

So to my point of this article, We all know you can use Facebook and Twitter in a good way or be another dreaded “Spammer.” If you approach it right and use the value added approach you will greatly benefit in the long run. The key question is “how does one crack the social media code?” I have personally struggled with this concept and tried many different strategies with limited success. How do I educate someone who is asking for more information about me and my services or more importantly, how do I market on social media with out coming across as spammy or pushy?

I found a system that incorporates video marketing in everything I do on a daily basis, This system is incredible! It allows me to personalize my interactions with others and add instant credibility to my messages, all while educating the other party and showing them that I am truly unique! I firmly believe that Video Marketing is the future and will be the driving force for a long time to come. Please check out my brief video below on using this system and how I have incorporated it into my Facebook marketing efforts.

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