Are You Frustrated By The Elusive World Of MLM Lead Generation?

MLM lead generationYou are definitely NOT alone!  If you are reading this post it’s probably because you are at your wit’s end searching for high quality MLM leads.  The simple fact is, 98% of new MLM business owners FAIL because they never get enough quality leads to properly build their fledgling businesses.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  There are highly effective strategies you can apply today to EXPLODE your lead generation and turn your business around for good!  In this post I’ll outline some of the “tired, worn out” approaches and then reveal the little known secret to producing TONS of highly targeted leads every day.


The Tired Old Fashioned Way…

I’m assuming that you are signed up in a MLM opportunity and your upline immediately told you to make a list of 100 or so people you know?  The whole idea is to go after your “warm market” friends & family.  How did that work out for you?  Have you built a BOOMING business yet?  I’m willing to bet you lunch at Perkins that it hasn’t.  Once you get past your friends & family you were probably instructed to do one or all of the following:

  • MLM lead generationPurchase MLM leads from some no name broker.
  • Set up home parties to promote your opportunity.
  • “Paint” your personal automobile with your MLM company name and phone number.
  • Set up a booth at the local shopping mall and chase after shoppers.

Sound familiar?  Tried any or all of these approaches?  How have they worked out for you?  I’m willing to bet another lunch at Perkins they didn’t at all.  I’ve been involved with various opportunities since the early 80′s and seen countless people fail.  In the 80′s these were really the only options available.  Not anymore.  It still amazes me how companies teach their down-lines these old fashioned MLM Lead Generation techniques.

What’s The Secret You Ask?

I guarantee if you start to employ this one simple MLM lead generation strategy, you will sponsor and recruit ALOT more people into your mlm opportunity!

The secret is to utilize a proven platform like MLSP.  It’s also very important to create your own personal website/Blog to help brand yourself and your opportunity.  Think about it, how did you find this post?  The internet and search engines like Google!  The internet is the most powerful marketing tool out there if used properly.   I know that you are serious about taking your MLM business to the next level, but most likely have simply run out of creative ways to market you and your opportunity.

So what do you do about this cold, hard fact?

Hey I’ll be the 1st to admit it SUCKS!  It did for me before I started using the internet and MLSP to brand myself.  Like I stated earlier, I’ve picked up the phone and called countless leads.  Never had very much luck.  Always ended up frustrated and ready to throw in the towel.  Have you been to that uncomfortable place with your marketing efforts?  I bet you have!

The option that worked for me personally and will for you, is to make a firm commitment to master the art of “building a business, not just a downline.” This is simply making a commitment to learning how to generate your own high quality leads utilizing a mixture of funded proposals and proven mlm lead generation systems. Once done correctly, you will now get PAID for marketing and create an entirely new profit center.

Become your own mlm lead generation machine by embracing a time proven, mlm lead generation system like My Lead System Pro.   It has proven very effective for some of the top network marketers and if your willing to put some time and effort into it, you will see long term results in your MLM Lead Generation efforts.

Are You Ready To take Your Business To the Next Level?

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