Zamzuu Scam?  Zamzuu is a MLM opportunity that is all about shopping via the internet.  The funny name isn’t that recognizable, but I’m willing to bet it will soon be as this company offers tremendous savings!  The flip side of it is that you can turn the opportunity into a small home based business as well.  Since Zamzuu operates under a MLM model, a lot of people will automatically think, “Zamzuu Scam.” I must disclose that I am not associated with Zamzuu in anyway and do not gain from hyping the opportunity known as Zamzuu.

In this post, I will reveal some facts about the Zamzuu Scam and give you a brief overview on the actual company, so you the reader can make up your own mind with regards to the “Zamzuu Scam.” is a gateway that allows users to access other name brand websites.  Once you register with Zamzuu you can shop till you drop and get cash back from all your online purchases.  The really cool part is you can tell others to use your Zamzuu gateway and you will earn commissions on everything they purchase!  Does this sound like or point to a Zamzuu Scam?  Once you register, you will have access to over 700 brand name retailers including the likes of Target, Nordstrom, Circuit City, Sears and Wal-Mart.  Zamzuu gives you the ability to shop at all these name brand retailers and get cash back on your purchases.  Another cool thing about Zamzuu is that other services are available, like telecom services, energy discounts, hotel tickets, and even financial management.  Still thinking “Zamzuu Scam?”

If the Zamzuu Scam isn’t with the company, then where is it?

The phrase Zamzuu Scam usually comes about due to the nature of how the marketing/distribution methods are set up by ZamZuu.  Zamzuu uses the Network or MLM approach to marketing and distributing its services.  This means the average person can start their own Zamzuu business and encourage others to join them.  This person then makes money from their immediate operations and on everyone that they sponsor and bring into Zamzuu.

You can join the opportunity two different ways, either as a rep or a broker.  If you join as a “rep” your main goal will be to share your Zamzuu website with others and get paid on all the purchases that person makes.  If you join as a “broker” or sometimes referred to as “paid member” you have to pay an upfront fee of $250, and keep you website gateway active for another monthly payment of $49.95. Under this option, a broker can offer his/her business to an unlimited number of people for free, and in turn, earn a 100% commission match on all of their free members.

As a result of this business plan, many people see how it’s structured and think Zamzuu Scam.  To really thrive and grow your Zamzuu business, you need to actively recruit other people!  Your Zamzuu up line will most likely tell you to tirelessly chase your family and friends or your “warm” market.  Over the years this Network Marketing/MLM approach to doing business, has left a bitter memory in many people’s minds and leads to the phrase “Zamzuu Scam.”

So, how should one promote the ZamZuu opportunity to avoid the Zamzuu Scam?

I hope by now I’ve established the fact that Zamzuu is definitely NOT a scam.  The main problem with any MLM opportunity is the way people are instructed to promote and build their Zamzuu business.  So many people get caught up in the hype and promotion of the MLM company, only to find themselves frustrated and ready to quit a few months later.  The old, tired and worn out methods that are still taught today, do not work nearly as well as they once did.  I guarantee you, that if you plan to promote your Zamzuu biz by chasing after your “warm” market, you will join the 97% failure rate that is so prevalent today.

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Zamzuu Scam

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